The Reigning Undomestic Goddess

OK, what SFX should I put here? A wicked laugh of a witch or a sympathetic “oooh” like the one they play in an episode of Friends? Guess I’ll have to decide later because this is only Day 1 (out of 30) of my Mom not being here. She flew to Finland last night (as I wrote this she’s probably on the way to Helsinki from Amsterdam) and left half of the household chores to me. Though she spends all day at home, she’s not a domestic-kind-of-mom. She’s practically glued to her computer, translating–if not books, then some “boring” documents… and she’d rather do that than go into the kitchen and cook our meal. More often than not she complains that she’s run out of ideas as to what to tell our maid to cook that day.

And now she passes the baton to me.


If she’s a self-claimed undomestic goddess, then what am I? An even-more-undomestic-goddess-than-she-is, thats’ what. But luckily enough, I love challenges (who just said “weirdo”? I heard that.)

So we’ll see how the story goes. In the meantime, don’t forget to have a good time in Finland, Mom. Leave all your worries behind (or to me).


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