(Am I a) Shopaholic(?) & Baby

OK, maybe I AM a shopaholic. 2 days before Freya hit 9 months, I already bought her a onesie at Carter’s. Then on Victor’s payday we bought her a booster chair (which she enjoys because she can straighten her back now). And I can’t stand those little jars of food at Hero Kemang or Food Hall, I usually buy 1 or 2 to bring along when we’re going out with Freya. And those Petit Miams seem to be calling from the fridge! I went to Blok M Plaza the other day and came back with 2 sleeveless Care Bears shirts (19K each after disc.), 2 sets of pajamas, and 2 pairs of shorts (and then I went and bought 4 shirts and 2 sandals for myself!). Really, when you see stuff like these (below) you just have to have them, don’t you? (that was Becky Bloomwood in me, not me). :p

Pictures taken from BabyCenter.com, and NO, I HAVEN’T bought them.


7 thoughts on “(Am I a) Shopaholic(?) & Baby

  1. Apalagi anakmu anak perempuan, udah deh didandanin abiissz. Tau sendiri khan pernak-perniknya cewe ;). Jangan khan kamu, aku aja lagi kerajinan beli buku bacaan anak (Eh, ini dah aku lakuin sebelum merit ding). Dari buku doa, cerita nabi, metode membaca dan sekarang tambah parah, mo-nya beli muluw padahal anaknya belum ada hehehe :D.

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