The Difference between You and Me

You paint your canvas
With buckets of black and white
While I paint on my paper
With a box of water color paints

You finish your painting in time
And proud of the punctuality
While I enjoy my time doing it
And let the people decide its beauty

You draw clean lines
Between black and white
While I cheerfully blend
Two or three colors

You taint innocence with a speckle of black
And correct wrongs with a stroke of white
While I never seem to care about
What’s wrong and what’s right

But your blackest black cannot compete
With the richness in my colors’ intensity
And your whitest white is nothing compared
To the vibrancy that my colors bring

You think your black and white
Puts you on the top of the world
Separates you from the rest
Not worthy of appreciation

But the more you use your black
The more appealing my colors look against it
When you try to correct me with your white
My colors make them turn their heads

By this time you should realize
That you are wasting your time
Thinking your black and white
Can substitute my colors

Three of my colors can create black
And my rainbow can make up for any white
Before you begin to think of a way
To do it the other way around

You are darkness and light
And you live your life
Trying hard not to contradict yourself
While I am every color
Missing from your life

© 2007 kLeiNebeeR


13 thoughts on “The Difference between You and Me

  1. Hidup warna-warni !!!!! 😀 Btw La, ini bukan terinspirasi oleh dia yang selalu hitam itu kan ?? Gw langsung kesitu aje asumsi nya.. hehehe… Kalo iya keren juga, bisa menghasilkan yang indah begini dari yang begitu 😀

  2. haha, gue juga sepemikiran dgn Chya loh pas baca ini! 😀 so, apakah betul Bu??
    but whatever the reason was, it was one beautiful (and not to mention POSITIVE) poem!

    ih, gue jadi gatel pengen liat puisi2 lo dibukuin gitu kek 😉 (coba approach gpu mungkin?)

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