10 New Items on My Amazon Wish-list

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Below are items recently added to my Amazon wish-list. If you are familiar with anything below and have any comments or alternate suggestions, please leave a reply.

Click here to see my full and current wish-list.

Baz Luhrmann’s Red Curtain Trilogy (Strictly Ballroom / Romeo + Juliet / Moulin Rouge)
Manufacturer: 20th Century Fox
Price: $23.45

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The Easy Broadway Fake Book (Fake Books)
Manufacturer: Hal Leonard Corporation
Price: $12.63

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The Ultimate Broadway Fake Book
Manufacturer: Hal Leonard Corporation
Price: $28.26

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Myst Trilogy
Manufacturer: UBI Soft
Price: $25.00

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Les Miserables – The Dream Cast in Concert
Manufacturer: Sony Pictures
Price: $357.95

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Marie Antoinette
Manufacturer: Verve Forecast
Price: $10.41

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Puccini – La Boheme / Baz Luhrmann, The Australian Opera (2002 Edition)
Manufacturer: Image Entertainment
Price: $16.59

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Theory of Semiotics (Advances in Semiotics)
Manufacturer: Indiana University Press
Price: $20.92

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Andrew Lloyd Webber Broadway Favorites Collection (Cats / Jesus Christ Superstar / Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat / The Royal Albert Hall Celebration)
Manufacturer: Universal Studios
Price: $46.89

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Hey Mr. Producer!: The Musical World of Cameron MacKintosh
Manufacturer: Philips
Price: $15.95

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2 thoughts on “10 New Items on My Amazon Wish-list

  1. hmm….kita sih punya myst, myst III Exile, myst V end of ages, sama uru. iya, lompat2 nomernya karna nungguin sale :p
    anyway, klo emg pengen yg original (karna klo mo bajakan mah banyak di mangga dua ato itc kuningan) di sini ada myst III sama V yg lagi sale..klo ga salah harga satuannya antara 4.95 – 6.95 euro, format dvd. buuuuuuuuuuuut, the problem is, sperti yg udh gue bilang sbelomnya, kita berdua lagi miskin2nya T__T
    oh, kecuali klo tnyata lo mau “dibayar” dgn those pc games (kan gue ngutang barang2 titipan yg trakhir ini nihhh..)

  2. Serius amat… Hihihi… Ini banyak yang wish-list jaman dulu kok… Yang baru gue tambahin kayaknya si Hey Mr. Producer sama Marie Antoinette doang.. 😀 Boro2lah gue punya waktu untuk main game (si Time Lapse aja begitu gue stuck di Anasazi belom ngelanjutin lagi).

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