An Angel Without Wings

Did you know that when the angels are sent down to earth
God takes off their wings and hide them somewhere for them to find?

That’s why you cried on the night you were brought into this world;
you had no choice as to where you would land here on earth
and you had no clue where those wings might be.
You had nothing with you but a burden of weight and a voice without meaning;
everything seemed strange but you couldn’t quite grasp it.

Days turned into weeks, and weeks into months.
You started to enjoy your stay and embrace these worldly affairs.
Everything started to take shape and colors meddled with your brain.

As time wore on you eventually forgot what you’re sent here for.
You became attached to your new surroundings and obsessed to conquer them.
You became dependant to me to help you go through your days.

I’m right behind you when you’re learning new tricks.
But I may not always be there, so look before you leap.
I’m ready to step in front of you when the world seems about to swallow you.
But I may not always be there, so learn to defend yourself.

I may not be here forever or at least for as long as you wish.
Because you know what? I am just like you.
I may be here longer than you
but I have my own mission, too, just like you.

Hold my hands for as long as you like
but don’t grow too attached
for when you find your wings
my hands could be restraining you
from spreading your wings and taking flight.
And believe me, you wouldn’t want that.

Until then, let me cherish you for what you are:
an angel without wings though I don’t know for how long that shall remain.

Dedicated to Freya on her first birthday
October 16, 2007

kLeiNebeeR © 2007


11 thoughts on “An Angel Without Wings

  1. sama terperangahnya .. satu tahun?? Gosssh … cepet sekali waktu berlalu .. perasaan baru kmrn mbak ngeliat si new baby born Freya ikutan gathering ama anak2 C-Choir di hartz chicken … huhuhuhu …time is running …du du du .. Happy belated birthday yah Freya .. ntar ketemu tante nih, jalan2 ikutan latihan choir ama mama 😀

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