Freya’s First Day

As requested by ‘Oom’ Jhony, I’m going to tell you all how Freya’s first day at Tumble Tots went. Actually it wasn’t really her first day but rather a trial class. We chose Tumble Tots Kemang at Plaza Kemang 88 since it’s newly open and ‘traffic-wise’ it’s much better than Kebayoran (located on Jl. Cikajang, which means we have to fight the traffic at Tendean-Monginsidi area) or Ambasador (located on the 5th floor of Mal Ambasador). And the fact they waive the enrollment fee if we enroll in December doesn’t hurt either.

Anyway, I thought the hardest part of today was to wake Freya up at eight. She’s so used to waking up at nine. Fortunately when I’ve finished having my breakfast and entered the room she opened her eyes so I took the chance. To cut the long story short, by nine o’clock we were on our way to Kemang.

When we got there, a few minutes before 9.30, the class was already full of those tumbling tots. A sticker with Freya’s name was put at the front of her T-shirt and officially her trial class began.

At first she seemed overwhelmed by all the strangeness surrounding her: the adults calling her name continuously, the other kids seeming unaware of the others’ presence, and the many shapes and colors of the playthings. There was a touching moment for me when she kept clinging on me as if she didn’t want me to leave her alone… because usually she pushes my hand away as if she was trying to say “I can do this myself, Amacang!” But right that moment I knew that she was scared.

After a while and rounds of singing and clapping, she started to get the hang of it, I think. Victor also helped her in some activities, probably because he saw that I was starting to feel exhausted. Hehehe… She started to enjoy the tasks, most of all sliding down the slides, that when the class was over and the Gymbabes (class for 6-12 months) class started she still wanted to play and made all kinds of noises.

We finally enrolled her in the Tumble Tots: Walking to 2 class. Just once a week for now and we’ll see how it goes.


9 thoughts on “Freya’s First Day

  1. my nephew is also in Tumble Tots (one in bogor). He used to scare with other people, but now he's everyone's friend there… He's in Letterland Class now… I think they do a great job there in TT.

  2. uhuhuhuhu, lutuna!!!!!!! akhirnya Freya mulai belajar bersosialisasi sama anak2 lain ya? ^__^ hebat juga tapinya, Freya sama skali ga nangis, cuma nggelendot sama mamanya, hihihi!! slamat buat Freya (dan ibu-bapaknya)!!

  3. Sebenernya sempet nangis sebentar waktu dia disuruh merangkak lewat 'lorong' trus dia liat gue kok ada di ujung yang satunya. Hihihi… Mungkin dia nangis karena sadar “Lho, berarti yang di barusan gendong aku siapa dong? Hiiiiiyyy” :p

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