Are You or Aren’t You Me?

I see the night skies unfolding still
Creeping, crawling, sending me chills
I see the stars are up tonight
Shining, sparkling with all their might

I can see myself swinging on a star
Measured by light year it can’t be very far
I see you smiling, wandering free
But to my dismay you cannot see me

Can’t you see I’m drowning right beneath your feet?
The ocean lured me and the beauty trapped me
I’m drowning in tears and by all means, fears
That if you can’t see me then you can’t be me

I see you turn your head and smile at me
But to my alarm, a smirk it’s likely
Mocking and laughing at me
That I can be so stupid as to be lured by the sea

I can close my eyes but I know you’re there
You seep and sneak out of my head
To wait and yearn for me from afar
That I would do something for our misery

Do you see a way that I, for one, can’t see?
For I believe you can see further and beyond me
Could you please hurry before the ocean swallows me
And the world would rejoice without yours truly?

kLeiNebeeR © 2007


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