Surviving Christmas

Here I am, on the 25th of December, 8.21 pm, exhausted from all the “merriments” of Christmas. I don’t even have the energy to bathe my daughter…

For me (and my family) Christmas begins approximately a month before the actual holiday, when it is decided when and where the family Christmas gathering will be held this year. And then my Grandma will have all kinds of ‘wild’ ideas and we (usually my Mom, but then she’ll ask me to help her out) will be busy running errands for her. Then comes the gift lottery… the host will draw the lottery for us and inform us to whom we should act as Santa this year. And so the [gift] hunting season begins. On top of it all, it’s become a new tradition that I should be the one hosting the game. So the weeks before Christmas is always like, for me, the weeks before you have your exams.

And that’s just for one Christmas gathering. I have three on my agenda every year, though the latter two don’t come with that much fuss.

Anyway, everything went well at the Adhiwiyogo clan’s Christmas gathering yesterday. It was gifts galore like usual, the food was superb (got to find out who the caterer was), and it was always great to see all the relatives (well, not all, Puni & Antti were missing in action this year). My game (it became ‘our’ game since I asked Victor to help before I went into nervous breakdown) went on smoothly and everybody had fun doing it (guaranteed they’d vote for me again for the next billion years)… even Freya behaved (relatively) nicely and got so many toys that I won’t have to buy again for the next 2 years.

After that I went shopping (it was a very late Christmas shopping) for presents for Victor’s sister and Mom, then went to the church for the 9.30 pm service. SMSs started pouring in afterward that I had to switch off my phone to guarantee a good night sleep.

This morning (25th) Victor even went to the office for a while before we went to his aunt’s at Pondok Indah (yes, it seems that my hubby had sold his soul to satan himself). Got there around 2 and had a late lunch that consisted of the usual Manadonese dish (it’s a once-a-year treat for me). We didn’t go to Vic’s Mom this year so we went [monthly] shopping at Carrefour Lebak Bulus instead.

When I got home and tried to get some sleep, Freya woke up from her sleep (she’d been sleeping the whole time on our way back home) when Victor went into the room to inform me that he’s going back to the office (I really should hire an exorcist). And then after I succeeded sending Freya off the room, the phone kept ringing. So there goes my rest and here I am instead.

But that doesn’t keep me from saying this:
Have a very Merry Christmas, everyone!
Make sure you’ve booked a masseuse for after the ‘crazy’ season!


9 thoughts on “Surviving Christmas

  1. The other bears even hibernate during winter… hahaha…
    Gapapa Put, udah biasa kejadian kalo lagi ngantuk banget pasti aja deh ada yang telpon atau SMS. Padahal yang Matrix udah gue matiin tuh. :p Sorry ya, you caught me in a bad mood. hihihi… Happy Holidays!

  2. Merry Christmas Lala….May this Christmas bring a lot joy & blessing for you, your family, Om Papa, Tante Melody (hahahahaha…mahap lupa namanya..keingetan ama lagu…), Victor and off course..lovely petit cute freya….muah2…Mona & Sunar

  3. Bentar, bentar… Yang butuh exorcist gue atau Victor ya jadinya? Hihihi… Soalnya kalo ngebir bertentangan dengan program nge-gym-nya Victor tuh. Mending kalian nge-gym bareng aja… *tapi tetep aja nggak ngaruh ke guenya dong :p*

  4. la, i went to the same service.. huuuh. gak ketemuuu deh kitaa.. 😦
    terus bokap gw pas pulang bilang: tadi ketemu kawan sd kamu, tapi papa lupa namanya..
    * sigh * gw nebak2 dong langsung.. either lo atau helen.. i knew it was YOU!

    sebel deh, i missed you.. terus mo telp lo tuh, tapi for some unknown reasons kok gw kelupaan mo nelpon, til i'm finally back in bahrain.. and realized.. adooooh.. sori ya la, lupaaaa!

  5. Bukan gue kali Le… Soalnya kalo ketemu gue biasanya ngobrol dulu… Gue aja gak liat bokap loe kok.
    Tapi iyaaa, gila udah sedeket itu gak ketemu juga… Kayak video clip jadul aja gitu… hihihihi…
    Dimaafkan kook, kapan pulang lagi ke sini? 😉

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