It Could Happen to You!

I read this article in CLEO {Malaysia} a couple of months ago, it goes something like “What would you do if your boss wants to be your friend in Facebook?”

Well, now it happens to me. Crap.

I have nothing against the guy, but still…
…if I didn’t approve, what would he think?

So before I clicked (yea, yea, I approved him… got nothing to lose, I’ve got my MOM in Facebook anyway… :p) the blue button, I surfed his profile first and then I read everything on my profile to make sure that I didn’t write something that he could use against me someday *dasar gue otak kriminal*.

I clicked the button, wrote how we knew each other, and then a link showed up telling me to suggest friends that he might know… Being a good Facebook citizen, I  gave him all my colleagues’ names… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! *Did I just hear someone say, “Rat?”*

Now, they didn’t write THAT in the article!


11 thoughts on “It Could Happen to You!

  1. haha, kalo gw la.. anaknya boss gw malah! mana gw sering maki2 kantor gw, kerjaan gw, bahkan bapaknya die hahaha.. kadang suka kelupaan, tapi pas inget langsung deh gw delete, takut anaknya ngadu!!! 🙂

  2. Klo aku, Senior Managerku pernah nge-add aku di YM … klo temen2 sektr sih yg sama2 staff gpp … karena emang YM kepake bgt buat kerja juga .. begitu dia yg mo nge-add … sempet mikir beberapa saat, aku tanya2 anak2 specialist yg lain, ternyata pd di add juga :)) cuman ada yg approve add -nya .. dengan catatan di stealth setting off pas di ID dia .. dan ada yg direject … akhirnya aku termasuk yg nge-reject dengan komen, ” terima kasih pak udah nge add, tp gpp khan pak klo saya ngga add bapak” :))

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