Then What?

It’s never easy to choose which path you’ll take when you don’t know what lies ahead and what waits for you along the path that you’ll eventually choose.  But realizing that all those many roads lead to one destiny, that is what God has written for you, then suddenly it doesn’t matter anymore whether you choose to turn right or left… because there’s no right or wrong.  Those roads are made for only you, created upon the choices you’ve made before… so why be afraid to embrace what’s already yours?

Over the past few months I have miserably deliberated which path to choose.  Two days ago I finally made up my mind and yesterday I had to find the courage to say what I have decided for myself.  Merely saying it was liberating… I have not yet begun to walk the talk but knowing where you’re heading is always a nicer feeling compared to not knowing if you’re allowed to move at all.

So what is this all nonsense I’m talking about?

I resigned from the job that some moms out there envied because of its flexibility…
I resigned from the feeling of being torn between deadlines and my daughter’s smile…
I chose to spend more time with my daughter… to take her to school on a workday… to let her sit on my lap once in a while when I sit in front of the screen…
I chose to work on something that I enjoy, and to still help bring the bacon home, but at the same time I can be a happier self and a happier mom to my daughter…

…until then…
…when it’s time for me to choose another path.


31 thoughts on “Then What?

  1. nyanyi aaahhh…

    Climb every mountain, search high and low
    Follow every by way, every path you know
    Climb every mountain, ford every stream
    Follow every rainbow, till you find your dream
    A dream that will need, all the love you can give
    Everyday of your life, for as long as you live

  2. aaah iri akuuuuuuuuu selamat ya La..unlike me yang libra aku blom berani2 juga padahal tinggal masuk ruangan bos and say “I resign ya pak boss..” i need a kick on the butt to help me do that…and I need one fast!!!

  3. as opposed to me, capricorn yang bisa tiba2 nyeruduk ya? hihihihi… gue seruduk aja deh, rather than kicking you on the butt. :p

    on a much serious note, though, nad… gue juga gak akan berani kalo gue belom punya plan bakal ngapain setelah gue resign… tapi berhubung gue masih punya “ban serep” nerjemahin, makanya gue berani memutuskan begitu… good luck!

  4. Wow!!! I hope my previous post did not trigger this posting, but I feel the same way, I do not know what lies ahead but “certainly the Lord will guide me where I need to go”
    Quiz: from which song, that I just quote?

  5. hehehe… bukan dirimu saja yang menyimpan “rahasia” malam itu… :p halah…
    sebelom latihan gue baru resign ceritanya…

    eh mending buat pertanyaan nanti malem tuh… yang bisa nebak boleh dapet kaos bunaken loe buat kenang2an… 😀

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