[Blast from the Past] An Ode to You

People sometimes ask what made me sure that he was the one.
Well, here’s the story

An Ode to You
There are no words I can find to describe how much I love you.
You walked into my life one bright afternoon, uninvited.
At first I was afraid of you.

Our paths crossed again.
One day on a cloudy afternoon.
I was lost and you were there.
Pray, and don’t get lost, you said.

I worried about so many things.
But you said to me:
Why worry about so many things;
while you don’t even know what’s gonna happen the next second?

I know it’s from the bible.
But you fascinated me.
No one had ever said things like that to me before.
Never had anyone comforted me the way you did.

That very moment, I know God had sent you for me.
Only me.
You’re my real guardian angel.

I didn’t know for sure when I fell in love with you.
But I did, and I do now.
And now that we’re finally together, I hope this is for real.

© 2001 kLeiNebeeR


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