A Week of Survival

OK, I know the week is not over yet.. in fact it’s only the beginning of the weekend… But it’s been a loooong week and I assume you know what I mean.

Surviving the surgery is one thing; I woke up instantly when they put on the oxygen mask… and I coughed like I just got drowned and being CPR-ed (not by some hot guy, unfortunately). But to survive through the week is another…

After being taken to room 301, I asked for my supper because I felt a headache similar to what I feel when I haven’t eaten. It was probably the anaesthetic, not completely drained out of my system. But I felt I had to eat anyway. Turned out I could eat without difficulties. Yes I felt some pain when swallowing, but not so much that I couldn’t eat anything. I just couldn’t finish the whole portion.

My voice was OK, not that hoarse.  The left side of my throat felt funny when I tried to talk.  I could and still can feel my voice reverberate against the skin because they took out the left half of my thyroid, leaving quite a void where it used to be.

After eating some supper and Victor left, the headache still lingered.  I blamed it to the glaring light right on top of me.  I’m so not used to sleeping with the light on.  Unfortunately I had to wait until the patient next to me was done being observed.  So when the lights were finally turned off, it was already around 1 in the morning.  I woke up several times after that and could only go back to deep sleep after they injected me with some painkiller and antibiotics.

To everyone’s amazement, I was released the day after the surgery. Made them wonder if it was a minor surgery (no, it wasn’t).  I was officially released after lunch, after they made sure my insurance covered everything (and thank God it did).  My Mom took me back to our house… and as soon as I got back to my room (and found Freya asleep), I laid myself down next to Freya and fell asleep.

[Dini, Gratia, and Jansen came over that afternoon]

I slept a lot this last couple of days.  Just half an hour after I took my meds, I felt drowsy and had to sleep.  Sleeping position is very much restricted and I have to put two pillows under my head in order to breathe easily.

I still cough and it hurts when I do.  I wake up too early in the morning because the painkiller runs out of its effect on me (and I have to take early breakfast so I can take the painkiller again).  The waterproof bandage (it looks like a cling wrap, seriously) creates another problem for my skin: I develop not one, but two water blisters and they itch so bad! I can’t turn my head around, both to the left or to the right.  When I’m awake and can use the computer, most of the time I have to use my hand to hold my head up.

Yesterday I felt tingles on my fingers and toes and a palpitation like I used to get when I took my asthma medicine.  I searched on the internet and found out that hours or days after thyroidectomy, the calcium level drops down and can create such sensations.  Oh well, at least now I know why.

Now I’m really looking forward to Monday, 4.30 pm.  Suppposedly I will be free from these bandages… and supposedly I will know whether the tumor was benign or malignant.  Today I will try to be somewhat productive by trying to translate a page or two.  Tomorrow we plan to take Freya to Tumble Tots (Victor will accompany Freya to the playground, I will only watch).  On Sunday, my Mom’s assistant (who also takes care of Freya) is departing to East Java *sigh*, so I have to speed my recovery like a supernatural being and prepare myself for another kind of survival!


9 thoughts on “A Week of Survival

  1. sometimes i just couldn't understand how in the friggin' hell these kind of people have the heart to do so.. while I in the other hand had to be pushed to the limit that I just couldn't get any much energy to work regularly.. (imagine a straight 2 months weekendless days and nights of work with only a couple of hours of daily sleep).. what are these people thinking?!

    but anyway, it's an experience that you won't forget. about pain and sacrifices. you lost something and more, to gain someting and more.

  2. lala dear, I thank God that your surgery went well.

    Eventhough it's hard, take it easy yahh… one step at a time….. you can do it…. with the help of your husband and Mom, at least until you're fully recover……

    Please don't hesitate to ask friends for help….. I'm sure they'll be happy to help you out….. sorry this friend is in quite a distance and can only offer prayers…..

    Hope and pray that you'll have a fast and success recovery ;o)>

  3. sebenernya sih dia gak mesti pulang minggu ini… tapi ada urusan anaknya yang mesti dia beresin jadi terpaksa pergi dalam minggu ini… tapi entahlah balik kapan… sementara nyari yang buat ngurus freya susahnya setengah mati.

    tapi yah begitulah, pengalaman… 😉

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