Best Friends of the Season

The material is sheer, the color is black, it has copper stitching, and the little birdie is simply irresistible, don’t you think?

What I mean by season here is my post-surgery season. Hihihi… Years back, I bought my first muffler/scarf in My cousin in US bought it for me and she wondered why in the world I would need such a thing. But heck, I fell in love with the multicolored thing and I really needed it to keep me warm in the office.

Years gone by, I now have a family of scarves and shawls.
1. A multicolored wool scarf from that I treasure the most (not to mention that it has to be dry cleaned!)
2. A multicolored pashmina-like scarf from a one-dollar shop in Mangga Dua (I think… I don’t really remember where I got it)
3. A fuchsia pashmina shawl I bought in a hurry in Metro because I was supposed to go with my Uncle to an art performance that evening.
4. A Burberry lookalike scarf like you see in one of the pictures below (mine is cream with pink/blue/brown burberry pattern). I bought this one in Daiso, Mal Artha Gading.
5. A chocolate-y brown scarf with the same size and shape like the Burberry one, bought at the same time in Daiso Mal Artha Gading.
6. A sequined black tulle “rocker” scarf I bought in Matahari Citos (the brand has now gone).
7. A dark gray crocheted scarf with light gray flowers from the same brand as the rocker scarf.
8. A black/silver thread scarf, bought in Daiso Mal Artha Gading (seriously, this place is my secret treasure island!)
9. A light turquoise shawl which I don’t really remember where I got it. Definitely a cheapo, but it looks a lot like the fuchsia pashmina I bought at Metro.
10. A pink shawl which I got from C-Choir founder for my service as Music Director (2005-2006). “C-Choir Fun Leader” was written on it. 🙂
11. The latest addition, from Jhony, is a wrinkled red/gray/black-and-white scarf (looks a lot like the scarves in manga hehe).

Now, back to topic… Since I often have to go out on a motorcycle (ojek and with my hubby) and bus, I need to cover my scar with an “F”… a scarF, that is… 😀 And also I don’t want people to freak out when they see my scar (it looks like I’ve just been attacked by a mugger… though apparently I survived! Hahaha).

Anyway, like shoes, I can’t get enough of them. God knows how long I should stick with them, right? So here are a couple of cuties I found in the good old internet. Might add more later! 😉


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