Frustrated, Inc.

The last time I checked I’m still a human. So, yes, I think I have every right to feel. And right now I feel frustrated. More or less I feel frustrated that I haven’t fully recovered. The doctor told me to do my normal activities like usual to see if there are any symptoms that show I need a boost in the hormone department.

I went to choir practice on Wednesday and I hate the fact that I didn’t sound like myself. I knew I could hit the notes but the tightness around my neck hurt me in the process. It also made me gasp for breath. After almost 2 hours, I got my voice back… well, kinda (so apparently I needed that long to warm up now).

On Thursday I went to Pacific Place to meet up with old friends from work. That was the first day I didn’t consume the multivitamin anymore… Nothing unusual happened there, but after I got home I started to feel cold and my left jaw hurt and I’ve got a severe headache after that.  All that after only 3 hours of “workout”? I dreadfully thought about the 2x 2-hour performance where I got to sing and dance. How am I going to survive that, ferchrissake! This also happened in the next 2 days that I had to go back to taking painkiller. Yesterday I managed not to take any.

On the other hand, I’m frustrated because I seem to be stuck with my translation. It’s not a translator’s block or anything like that… but a combination of uncomfortable neck position and Freya nagging all the time (even when I need to lie down to ease the pain on my neck).  I need to be productive since I need the money and the assistant is going away for two months! But at the same time I can’t because of the circumstances. Darn it!

The latest news is the assistant is going tonight. I have to keep in mind that her formula is actual date = said date – 1. Now on top of not being able to work, I won’t be able to rest. Just great.

So unless you have an idea what I’m going through, I suggest you just shut your mouth. I don’t need any criticism and sympathy this time. Just try and understand… why I cry… why I get angry… and all those things humans do.


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