This Little Bear Goes to Hospital

September 15, 2008. Carrying out one of the biggest decisions in my life: agreeing to have the surgeon take out the left lobe of my thyroid. A week later I found out the quite shocking truth that the nodule found in my thyroid was actually a papillary thyroid carcinoma, a type of malignant cancer (but with a slow growth rate). So it was the right decision after all.

Victor took these pictures. Some of the pics are blur, but I guess his hands might be shaking when he took them. After all, he didn’t know if I was going to come out alive from the OR. *excuses, excuses*

Anyway, later on we realized that several years ago on the exact same date, Victor was submitted to the ER due to a motorcycle accident. Spooky, eh?


41 thoughts on “This Little Bear Goes to Hospital

  1. Yang sedih mah Freya bilang “mama sakit” tiap kali liat leher gue, Ne… Waktu masih diperban, kalo liat perban gue dia kayak mau nangis gitu… Sampe gue pikir apa dia pikir gue sakit gara2 dia ya? Huhuhu… Kasian…

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