If I were A Stylist – Vol. 1

Bittersweet Symphony, June 16, 2009
Created on Looklet.com by kleinebeer
Looklet Styling Contest entry #2 for Round: Diesel Black Gold
To vote for this look, go to: here and click the pink heart!
Note: this look got short-listed in the finals. Thank you for your support! 😉

Secret passion meets the need of distraction while working. Hehehe… All created in Looklet.


21 thoughts on “If I were A Stylist – Vol. 1

  1. Thank you for all your comments, guys! 🙂
    This week's contest is Cheap Monday round, so if you like any of my looks using the Cheap Monday jeans (yang jinsnya robek2 dan backgroundnya ada cap bertuliskan Cheap Monday), please vote for meeee (di situsnya, tentu)! Hehehe…

    Btw, yang Whyred round gak menang. Hiks. :'(

  2. The “Cheap Monday” round is over, people. It's now “Palladium” round. Please vote-vote-vote if you like my looks! And please check regularly because I update daily. 😉

    *walaupun nggak yakin juga sih bakal menolong, soalnya yang udah2 yang menang ada yang gak dapet heart sama sekali dan look-nya ajaib (I mean really ajaib, kayak BH + blazer + celana panjang doang… who in the world would really wear that?? Hihihi jadi curcol…*

    Nevertheless, voting won't hurt. At least it would make this bear happy. Hihihi…

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